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Los Angeles, CA. – (November 17th, 2023) – CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine is proud to feature acclaimed east coast multi-instrumentalist Saxophonist, songwriter Keith Kool-K Wilson as our featured artist and cover story. We are elated to have Keith grace the Winter 2023 cover representing our national and international award-winning brand.


In this coveted issue we share glimpses into the lives of incredible artists providing in-depth coverage on the gifted Men and Women who peek our curiosity. Through the artist’s eyes we learn about their drive, tenacity, and talent. Our readers are often interested in how each artist reinvents themselves and what makes them tick. We learned why they play, sing, write and compose music so effortlessly.


We launched CoffeeTalk Magazine in 2013 with a mission to share the backstories about what it takes to maintain stamina in the unpredictable and sometime rocky music industry. “Winter is the coldest season of the year, but Keith Kool-K Wilson adds new life and new beauty to all that is Music touching everyone in some way, either by listening or playing,” said Bridgette Lewis Editor and Chief CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine.


CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine focuses and connects with thousands of music fans all over the world on all kinds of music. After surveying what our digital readers wanted to see and hear we celebrate music in all its glory with varying colors of jazz, swing, r&b retro soul, classic tunes, contemporary jazz.


You can follow our content through multiple platforms including our social media channels and through our website. Something BIG is always brewing. Sit back relax and enjoy each story shared. CoffeeTalk is available digitally through apple books.


Enjoy a bit of jazz in your Coffee,


Founder and Editorial Director

Bridgette Lewis



Keith Kool -K Press Release Edited Saturday Nov 18t


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CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Artist Interview 

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CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio is an online radio station and podcast that features the best musicians. It is hosted by Ms. Bridgette Lewis; she is the founder and executive director of the award-winning Coffee Talk Media Los Angeles. CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio connects fans with their favorite recording artists through exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and the latest news from the jazz world. You can listen to CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio on various platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, BlogTalk Radio, Spotify, visit the CoffeeTalk site.

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