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Cruisin' - Kool K

Dive into the soulful vibes of "Cruisin'", an original track by Kool K. Feel the passion and rhythm as the saxophone takes the lead, supported by the harmonious sounds of the band. Whether you're driving down the highway or just relaxing at home, let this tune transport you to a place of musical serenity

Kool-K's Sax Cover of Wilson Pickett's 'Mustang Sally' 

Experience the magic of Kool-K as he breathes new life into Wilson Pickett's iconic 'Mustang Sally' with his mesmerizing sax skills.

Kool-K Ent's MBL Show

Electrifying "Been So Long" Sax Cover + Full Band!

Saxophonist Keith Kool-K Wilson specialize in bringing people together through the power of music. Keith's dynamic performances and infectious melodies have earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting live performers in the game. Whether you're looking for a high-energy party or a soulful ballad, Keith has got you covered. Check out my performance videos and get ready to experience the magic that only live music can create.


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