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Kool-K Entertainment 


Bootsie & Yvonne

4 02- 11

We want to take this time to thank you for helping us

celebrate out 50th wedding anniversary and for making it a very memorable and joyous occasion. We also want to thank you for your generous gift. Words truly cannot express how we feel about you being a part of our lives and helping  us create memories

that will remain in our hearts and minds forever


Boots & Yvonne

Mr& Mrs William Holeman


Thank you so much for your performance today.

You are a fabulous saxophonist and a true professional You constantly moved the crowd... especially our surprise quest dancer We

are lucky to have been able to contract your

services. Your performance was great with a

capital "G" 


Mr.& Mrs William Holeman

Keith Wilson and the KoolK Entertainment team have been our favorite performers supporting the Charleston, SC Club of Washington, DC for over two decades. Keith is a perfectionist who exemplifies his unique talent in playing the saxophone as well as leading the band and performing outstandingly as a DJ. I can only say that if you want a true professional musician who can produce outstanding musical arrangements in a variety of genre, then I highly recommend Keith Wilson and the KoolK Entertainment team.

Private Engagements are Our Specialty


Ben Randall- Charleston Club DC Chapter

Love Our Seniors

Naomi's Birthday Celebration


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift of music and fellowship with us for my birthday celebration. We  were all truly blessed by your music, I will have come out to hear you perform again.  Thanks for making this event, extra special. P.S.Thanks for the CD -    Truly remarkable                                                             Love Naomi

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